Tailor website design

Custom tailor website design featured

Tailor website design

Duly Equipped is a menswear label. They offer handcrafted bespoke service. Tailor made custom clothing for the modern man. Therefore, our main objective was to create unique tailor website design and logo design. In order, to differentiate from their competition.

Website design

Logo design

Custom landing page

Project overview

Client requested a simple redesign of existing tailor website and a new logo design. So, it reflects their presence in a men’s custom suit market. Main objective was crafted with a tailor element, wordmark logo design.

Project started with our creative brief. After that, we developed a couple of website design concepts. Since, they were looking to rebrand as well. Our main focus was creating a fresh, new custom tailor website and logo design.

Custom works page
Custom service page


Tailor website design was a simple customized 5 page information website. Therefore, it shows a gallery of suit collections. In addition, tailor logo design is a two word mark typography treatment with letter Q as tailor slide buckle.


We picked Cinzel regular font. In order to reflects traditional, well crafted brand. Font is used across all platforms.

Custom cinzel font

Color palette

Colors are standard, yet impactful and cool toned. Their usage shows high contrast of the brand.

Primary, color is dark apple red. Secondary, colors are dark gray and charcoal black.

Custom tailor logo design sketch
Custom tailor slide buckle design concept


In conclusion, once the website and logo design were complete, and finalized. We used the same logo theme across all branding items. Firstly, in business card. Finally, for web and on all social media pages.

Graphic design apps

Software applications used to develop and design this website were Abobe Illustrator, Abobe Photoshop, and WordPress.

Custom tailor website design mockup

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