Get your design

In 5 simple steps

Get your design step 1 brief

Step 1

Submit your design brief

Once you decided on us to design your project. First step is to fill out and submit your project design brief. Make sure it’s done with as much details and ideas as possible. That way you’ll get a design you always wanted.

Find and click on your design package below. You will then be taken to your design brief page. Fill it out and submit. We will then follow up with your design project timeline and payment instructions.

Get your design step 2 payment

Step 2

Make a payment

After your design brief is completed and confirmed. Second step is to make a payment for your design. Find and select your package below and underneath your selection click on Pay Now button. You will then be taken to a secure PayPal website checkout page.

Through PayPal we accept all major credit card payments. Such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express… and many more. PayPal is a secure global online payment system trusted by millions of customers around the world.

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Get your design step 3 concepts

Step 3

Choose one design concept

When payment is made, we start designing your project. While working on it we’ll develop many ideas and designs. In the end you’re presented with two best design concepts.

Third step is to choose one design concept. By choosing it you’re deciding to move the project forward to a completion. You’re no longer entitled for our money back guarantee.

Get your design step 4 revisions

Step 4

Two sets of design revisions

When we finish designing your project. Fourth step is that you get two sets of design revisions. If you like your design as is, and there is no need for any revisions. We’re done and will deliver your final files.

If you feel more work needs to be done to your design. First set of revisions are usually for any changes to the design. While second set of revisions are final tweaks which will make your design perfect and ready for delivery.

Get your design step 5 delivery

Step 5

Project delivery

When the final set of revisions are done, so is your project. Fifth step is project delivery of final files to your specification needs. Files are fully editable, so you can make any future changes to them.

You also get any stock imagery if purchased for your project. To grow business iDesign Branding reserves the rights to use any designs created for promotional purposes only.