Financial powerpoint presentation

Custom financial powerpoint presentation featured

Financial powerpoint presentation

Global Finance Group is a group of integrated financial services firms. They offer clients a range of financial solutions to meet their needs. Therefore, our main objective was to develop a powerful financial powerpoint presentation. In order, to stand out from their competitors.

Powerpoint presentation design

Icon design

Custom financial powerpoint presentation core page

Project overview

Client requested a clear and modern powerpoint presentation deck. So, it brings their brand to the top of financial market. Main objective was clear, and clean presentation look & feel.

Project started with our creative brief. After that, we developed a couple of presentation concepts. Specific to their unique needs. Since, they’re new to financial market. Our main focus was creating a strong, and impactful presentation.

Custom mission capitalization pages
Custom management acquisition pages


Financial powerpoint presentation was created in simple white, blue and gray light tones. In addition, with sharp background elements in high contrast. Therefore, to make that wow effect some of its elements were given 3-d effect. Achieved with gradients and drop shadows for elements to pop-up from the page. Also, images were given sharp edges to blend in the page background.


We used Segoe sans serif font. In order to simplify large amount of page content. Font is used throughout the presentation in italic, bold and light formats.

Custom Segoe font

Color palette

Colors are bold, yet sharp and with high contrast. Their usage reflects business, financial, boardroom theme.

Primary, colors are navy and olympic blues. Secondary and neutral colors are light and dark gray tones.

Custom acquisition overhead icons
Custom consolidation market icons


In conclusion, once presentation was complete, and finalized. Same look & feel theme was used throughout their website and other corporate material.

Graphic design apps

Software applications used to develop and design this presentation deck were Abobe Illustrator, Abobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Custom financial business presentation design mockup

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