Courier powerpoint presentation

Custom courier presentation deck featured

Courier powerpoint presentation

ParcelOn is a fast delivery service that focuses on local door to door merchants to customer link. Using proprietary technology platform and trustworthy delivery staff, they’ve become a disruptor in delivery business. Our mission was to create a technology world leader like courier powerpoint presentation.

Powerpoint presentation design

Icon design

Custom delivery page

Project overview

Client asked for leading technology delivery powerpoint presentation deck. It should stand out from all competitors in delivery industry. Main focus was on technology data driven look & feel.

Project start was with our creative brief. Next, we created a couple of presentation deck concepts. To show them as a leader in cannabis industry. Our main objective was to create leading technology delivery presentation.

Custom consumer revenue page
Custom investor strategy page


ParcelOn powerpoint presentation deck was designed in predominantly red, earthy, and gray light tones. Also with, light and blurry background pictures treatment. Icons are simple outlines within a circle with light gray background. Same design style was later used throughout ParcelOn brand.


We used new Roboto sans serif font. Font is used throughout presentation in bold and regular formats.

Custom Roboto Sans font

Color palette

Colors are earthy and bright with higher contrast. Their usage reflects delivery, earth, and science feel.

Primary color is red brick. Secondary and neutral colors are beige, bronze and light gray tones.

Custom consumers technology icons
Custom courier business icons


In conclusion, when presentation deck was complete, and finalized. Same theme design treatment was used throughout ParcelOn branding.

Graphic design apps

Software applications used to develop and design this powerpoint presentation were Abobe Illustrator, Abobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Custom courier presentation deck design mockup

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