Cannabis powerpoint presentation

Custom cannabis powerpoint presentation featured

Cannabis powerpoint presentation

Cannatech is a company that provides new solutions to the agricultural sector. With ability to use science in disrupting a traditional approach of growing cannabis and hemp. Our goal was to create bio tech look and feel of cannabis powerpoint presentation.

Powerpoint presentation design

Business card

Custom highlights page

Project overview

Client requested science and technology combined powerpoint presentation deck. So, it stands out from their competition in Cannabis growing industry. Focus was on techy and scientific presentation look & feel.

We started with our creative brief. Then, we moved to developing a couple of presentation concepts. To show them as a leader in cannabis industry. Our main objective was creating a strong, and clear presentation.

Custom cost growth page
Custom results management page


Cannabis powerpoint presentation was designed in bright green, blue, and gray light tones. Also adding, marijuana background pictures in high contrast. Therefore, to create science feel flying molecules were added to the pictures. Same molecule design technique was used to create and shape a marijuana leaf on the cover page. That style later translated in creating a logo icon for Cannatech brand and business card.


We used simple Arial sans serif font. Font is used throughout the presentation in bold and light formats. In addition, it’s used in all print material as well.

Custom Arial Sans font

Color palette

Colors are bright, yet light and with high contrast. Their usage reflects nature, agriculture, and science feel.

Primary, colors are aqua green and spruce blue. Secondary and neutral colors are light gray tones.

Custom intellectual results icons
Custom producer scale icons


In conclusion, once presentation was complete, and finalized. Same theme feel was used throughout their print material, labels and packaging.

Graphic design apps

Software applications used to develop and design this presentation deck were Abobe Illustrator, Abobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Custom cannabis powerpoint presentation design mockup

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